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Information and Links
Tallymark supports the rules and regulations of the AKC and the ASC and is a member of the ASC.  

We are members of the Capital City Cocker Club and also support their mission and goals.  Visit these sites for information and links about Cockers.

The American Kennel Club was founded in 1884.  It has no individual members but is comprised of member clubs.  It's mission is to maintain a registry for purebred dogs and preserve its integrity; sanction dog events that promote interest in, and sustain the process of, breeding for type and function of purebred dogs; and take whatever actions necessary to protect and assure the continuation of the sport of purebred dogs.
The American Spaniel Club, Inc., founded in 1881, is the parent club for the Cocker Spaniel. It is also a dedicated supporter of all Flushing Spaniel breeds.
The Capital City Cocker Club was formed in April, 1940 to encourage responsible and quality breeding of purebred Cocker Spaniels, to showcase these successes in an annual specialty show, and to promote activities that enhance the natural abilities of the cocker as a sporting, performance and companion dog.

Cocker Links
Ging's Kennel (sorry, link broken)
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