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Tallymark Cockers

1989 - 2003
the Tally in Tallymark

CH. Swing's Delight of Tallymark (Ch. Kamps Cross Country X Ch.Swing's Special Delight)

Tallymark was conceived in 1989 during a ride in my daughter's brand new mini van purchased to haul dogs to dog shows. Vicki and I wanted to have a kennel prefix, now that each of us had a show dog, a mini van, and, just as importantly, we had a magnetic sign saying "Caution: ShowDogs" for the back of the van.(after purchasing this wonderful sign, we discovered the new van had a fiberglass rear door and wouldn't suck up the magnetic sign and we spent a long time arguing about which side door to put it on) I've never figured out why that sign would make anyone be more careful, but we had one displayed on the side of the van (to make other cars think twice before broadsiding us, I guess) and we were very proud of it. Now, we felt was the time for a name for our endeavor.

I had originally thought I might go with the name "Candle Cockers", my name being Chandler which I guess somewhere at sometime in some language could mean light or candle or something like that. But that didn't work out for Vicki , whose name was Gustine, and not only that, Vicki had springers, not cockers. And Bonnie, my other daughter, wanted a name using her two children's initials. So, we were thinking and thinking as we were riding along.

There was one name we both liked "Trademark", but it was already in use and so that took care of that. Until, Vicki's then 4 year old Katie, who had been humming to herself in the back seat all the while, announced that she was very smart on tallymark work at day care and had a star on her paper to prove it. Well, as they say, the rest is history and Tallymark was born. About a month later, my red and white queen/princess,Tally came into this world at Barbara Swing's house. But that's another story.

Vicki has since gotten out of dogs (she has an "old dogs home" now) and Bonnie long ago went from English Springers to English Cockers and is still showing and breeding under the name she chose, "Jentry" for Jennifer and Trey. So, Tallymark is now just about my cocker spaniels.

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